The province’s forestry sector to strengthen law enforcement supervision to ensure the quality of se

since the spring of this year, our province forestry departments to seriously carry out the administrative law enforcement system, the implementation of the revised provisions of the "seed law" and the legal laws and regulations, administrative law enforcement and seedling quality inspection work and carry out afforestation seedling, showing the number of feet, high specification, good quality, low price, good trend to increase the proportion of seed.

The provisions of

around conscientiously implement the new "seed law", to further implement the seedling production license, supervision and inspection, labeling seedling system, comprehensively promote administration according to law, strengthen law enforcement, to carry out special rectification actions, maintaining and regulating the seed market order, all the examined seedlings have "two card sign" complete formalities. More than 90% of the province’s seed is through bidding, a small part of county county leading group purchasing seedling to seedling procurement. In strict accordance with the implementation of the plan or the work of the implementation of the approval of the seedlings specifications, put an end to the human seedlings, the relationship between seedlings, to guard against the various risks of seedling procurement.


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