2800 farmers will live in new houses

reporter learned from Datong County Civil Affairs Bureau, Datong County this year, there will be 2800 farmers enjoy rural reconstruction policy, live in a new house.

this year, Datong County Civil Affairs Bureau to focus and object firmly in the "most difficult, the most dangerous housing, the most basic guarantee of" five guarantees, guaranteeing that families, disabled households and key special family. The specific provisions of the 4 standards: to support the implementation of centralized five households one-time subsidies 44 thousand yuan / bed, without the ability of self building for several years in the reconstruction of the "four class object" in poor families one-time subsidies 35 thousand yuan per household; for rural households, focus groups, families of disabled persons and rural decentralized support five households, according to the different objects, sub file classification, classification fill "principle, according to the economic situation of the family one-time subsidies 18 thousand yuan or 22 thousand yuan / household / household; to the collapsed houses the poverty-stricken masses one-time subsidies 18 thousand yuan / household. (reporter Li Guochang)


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