18 tour activities to invite tourists to turn the mountain water

In June 6th, Huangzhong "eight petal lotus" intangible cultural heritage center on the occasion of the opening of the experience, "turned around mountains and water pagoda, FAM Huangzhong · Qingxin Tour" as the theme of the 2015 Huangzhong County Cultural Tourism Festival officially started, this activity will continue until October of this year. During this period, Huangzhong will continue to hold a "cultural experience of the journey," "the year of the sheep to release the lake Festival" "Mu rape flowers" and other types of cultural tourism activities 18, so that visitors to experience the beauty of Huangzhong.

these 18 activities, both for the common people to participate in fitness activities, hiking delicacy picking activities also include photo contest, electric car challenge, BMX Challenge and other professional competitions, can meet the needs of different people.

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