n 2008 the overall decline in the amount of letters and visits in Xining has been well received by

January 9th, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, in 2008 the City Municipal Government Petition volume declined, in order to solve their practical problems as the core, the vast majority of the problems and contradictions are properly handled and resolved, praised by the masses.

it is understood that in 2008 the city received a total of 570 letters and visits from the masses, from the same period in 2007 fell by 13%; reception petitioners masses of 6942 passengers, an increase of 1%; received letters from the masses of the people, down by 32%. Mass petition rate over 98%. In 2008, the Provincial Committee and party secretary Wang Jianjun and vice governor, mayor Luo Yulin repeatedly on the petition work, municipal committee, deputy mayor Han Jianhua repeatedly to convene the relevant departments held a meeting, arrangements for the city’s stability work. To appeal to the masses, municipal government promptly organize relevant departments to coordinate; supervision on some revisit case, instructed relevant departments to make great efforts to solve the problem, making the petition for some years have been handled properly. In order to be able to solve the problem for the masses, the Municipal Bureau of letters and visits to mobilize social forces to participate in the handling of the petition, the formation of a powerful force to resolve conflicts and disputes. In 2008, the City Council and the Municipal Bureau of justice at the grassroots offices, for the masses to provide free legal advice for more than 700 times; with the joint political popularity of wind hotline column, with the power of public opinion, to solve the problem of the masses more than 2700; in November 27, 2008, City Council also became the Xining people’s Broadcasting Station "sunshine hotline" units, through the radio together for the people answering questions.


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