City Health Bureau will send two additional health and epidemic prevention teams to carry out health

from Yushu after the earthquake, in the provincial government, the leadership of the municipal government, the Municipal Health Bureau composed of professional and technical personnel to quickly pick the city’s first comprehensive health and epidemic prevention team, rushed to the disaster area and effectively carry out disaster epidemic prevention work, made after the disaster has not occurred in aggregation of the epidemic situation of infectious diseases and public health emergencies the event progress in the area of responsibility. In order to do disaster epidemic prevention work to ensure that the next stage, disaster recovery and reconstruction work carried out smoothly, the Municipal Health Bureau attaches great importance to the unity of thinking, in the professional stress, lack of vehicle condition, again selected 15 professional and technical personnel, set up two branches of comprehensive health and epidemic prevention team, health and epidemic prevention work will go to the disaster area Yushu Long Bao Town and the town to carry out reconstruction in June 15th.


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