Huangzhong take measures to safeguard the interests of consumers

this year, Huangzhong County Industrial and Commercial Bureau and consumer associations around the "create a harmonious consumption environment, service economy development" theme, take measures to safeguard the interests of consumers.

to effectively safeguard the interests of consumers, they start from the publicity and education, through training courses, and the use of on-site test, inspection and the fair opportunity of sending law to the countryside, in the majority of business users and consumers to vigorously promote the "consumer protection law", improve the ability of self-protection awareness and self-discipline management of consumers. At the same time, continue to expand "while two station" construction, coordination of 15 villages and towns 14 thousand and 400 yuan of investment in the county administrative villages construction 38 complaints station in Huangzhong in the middle school, DOPA and 4 other schools set up consumer rights liaison station. Changes in the field of consumer complaints and hot and difficult issues, timely release of consumer alerts and consumer tips, the relief will be turned into an early warning prevention. Especially for the Kumbum Monastery tourist rights protection, issued the civilized business proposal and shall not employ social idle personnel, soliciting cheating and give rebates for unfair competition. And set up prominently in the consumer warning signs and electronic screen scroll on the published telephone complaints, during weekends and holidays to work and arrange all-weather duty, timely accept resolve consumer complaints, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to ensure that the order of the tourism market. (author: Wu Binlan)

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