How to lobby and kitchen work

What is the daily operation of the

restaurant? Not out of the relationship with the two departments, that is the restaurant and lobby hall. Restaurant daily operation is smooth and see how the two departments work together. The reality of the restaurant is the occurrence of a common contradiction is precisely the two departments, how to effectively solve the problem between the two departments became a compulsory course restaurant owner.


to work together to lobby the kitchen

departments to understand each other

waiter is directly facing the customer, they will provide services to guests, they need the service speed. For the chef, they focus on the good, to ensure their own food, sometimes because of special reasons, drag, this time will appear contradictory, this time is most in need of mutual understanding between the two sides, many want to stand in each other’s point of view, you can avoid some unnecessary quarrel.

departments to strengthen communication between

in the restaurant many problems produced because the communication is not in place, so between the front office and kitchen should communicate more, let them know the situation now, rather than blaming each other, causing more misunderstanding.

department heads to strengthen communication


lobby foreman and kitchen work to strengthen communication, coordination of the relationship between more departments, but also to strengthen the management, reduce the emergence of the problem, for dissatisfaction with the guests, should be promptly resolved.

is more than a simple introduction, I hope you can help the boss!

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