Discipline and heteronomy

How can

try to do a good cadre of conviction, public service, diligent and pragmatic, dare to play, clean and honest?

life is?

people are not expensive in the past, but expensive in the reform.

people have no rules waste, the party is disorderly.

the fear of discipline, discipline, discipline habits…… March 1st, Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee in the spring semester of the provincial Party committee, the discipline and discipline discipline, in order to give all students a lively party spirit education. The students are excited to say: "serious, important topic is so strong! Benefit a lot! This class we again." In order to meet the learning needs of the majority of Party members in our province, newspaper today special excerpts of "speech".

— Wang Jianjun’s speech at the opening ceremony of the spring semester of the provincial Party school

The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of the CPC has insisted that the party must manage the party, strictly administer the party, unswervingly push forward the construction of party conduct and clean government and fight against corruption, and create a new situation of the party’s construction since the

eighteen party. For the implementation of the party in power for a long time and under the conditions of ruling by law in accordance with regulations, better management and administration of the party, strengthen inner-party supervision, in October 18, 2015, the CPC Central Committee issued a new revision of the "standards" and the Communist Party China self-discipline "Chinese Communist party disciplinary regulations". "Standards" and "Regulations", adhere to self-discipline andheteronomy dilie rules for all Party members simultaneously, self-cultivation, morality, politics set moral "line" and "bottom line discipline". Thorough study and understanding, the full implementation of the "guidelines" and "Regulations", is a powerful starting point for the overall strict party, is the political responsibility and obligation of all Party members. Below, I discipline, self-discipline, discipline, to talk about their own understanding and thinking, and we exchange.

the first question, fear discipline

discipline is the rules, rules and regulations that must be followed. Party discipline refers to the Communist Party of Chinese in accordance with the principle of democratic centralism, which according to the party’s nature, aim, program and implementation of the party’s line, principles and policies to establish various rules and regulations, is the party organization and members must abide by the rules of conduct. There are no rules, no Cheng Fangyuan, no rules are useless, the party is disorderly. Discipline is a fine tradition and a significant sign of Marx’s political party. Marx profoundly pointed out, we must now maintain the party’s discipline, otherwise nothing will be accomplished." Lenin is the first to put forward the discipline of the party is the discipline of iron, the revolutionary mentor, Chairman Mao had a famous saying: to strengthen the discipline, the revolution is invincible." Deng Xiaoping in a profound summary of the ten years of the Cultural Revolution catastrophe painful lesson, made it clear that, we are such a big country, how can we unite and organize it? An ideal, two by discipline." Comrade Jiang Zemin pointed out that "Party discipline is very important, it is a political role, safeguard the unity of the party, maintain the party’s advanced nature and purity, to strengthen the party’s cohesion and combat effectiveness, to ensure the realization of the party’s program, route and task." Comrade Hu Jintao stressed that the party is facing;

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