County economy to attract investment as a breakthrough

In July 22nd, led by mayor Wang Yubo and vice mayor Jin Jiuchen and relevant departments, in-depth Huangyuan County Sun Township, Chengguan Town, Dahua Town, mountain scenic spots two research development, Dan Gar plateau training base, the bicycle Huangyuan high school, Huangyuan County Dahua Reservoir and other key construction projects, to understand the situation of Dahua Industrial park. Wang Yubo stressed that the county economy is an important part of the construction of the eastern urban agglomerations, is an important aspect of urban and rural development, is the premise of the well-off people. Huangyuan County, the county government must be in accordance with the provincial government in the construction of the eastern city of group of major strategic plan, the municipal government requirements on accelerating the development of county economy, to accelerate the development of county economy as the top priority of the party and the government, the first priority, there have been new pursuit, as new.

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