heal damage to Lake Road Saibao Chang

Thirteenth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race will officially start in July 6th, to ensure that during the race around the lake in our province in the stage of road safe smooth, our province highway department staff since the end of May began to race around the lake, the surrounding road pavement road domain environment, as of May 28th, a total of 29 thousand and 100 square meters of the disposal of all kinds of pavement diseases.

it is reported that this year is different from previous years, in addition to road cycling race around Qinghai Lake regularly held in July each year, our province in June 10th will be held the first electric car challenge, this year the calendar time of 8 days, including 1112.067 kilometers of road is in the periphery of the track along the Qinghai Lake, in recent years, with the increase of our province’s popularity, more and more people come to our province tourism, there are more and more vehicles, so every highway pavement damage condition is serious, the Provincial Highway Bureau in accordance with the Provincial Department of transportation requirements, formulate feasible remediation programs and emergency plans, G109 cable, G315 Beijing Xisha line, S307 line Sichuan Kazakhstan other events section along the facility, refresh along the garbage cleanup, and centralized treatment on the loose, cracks, subsidence and other sections of disease, for a race around the lake Made good road conditions.


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