As of now Xining has arranged 681 million yuan of new central investment

reporter recently learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission, in the implementation of the policy of expanding domestic demand to promote economic growth in the city, the real, pragmatic, and promote the new central investment projects, as of now, the new central investment plan has arranged 681 million yuan, effectively promoted the economy stable and healthy development.

it is reported that since the fourth quarter of 2008, the city actively seek new investment plans of the central organization, involved in the implementation of affordable housing projects, education, rural infrastructure, ecological environment, energy conservation and other areas of the construction project 112. In the implementation of the new investment projects in our city, a special account accounting, special fund for special project funds, set up for someone in the whole process of new investment projects in the central supervision, to ensure the effective use of project funds for construction safety, engineering construction smooth implementation and quality standards, effectively play the central stimulating domestic demand and investment in new projects the expansion of investment, and promote the development of the role of. In the new central investment projects under the strong pull, the city’s economy has maintained a good momentum of steady and rapid development.


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