Our province to take measures to promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements t

to thoroughly implement the national "The Belt and Road" strategy, collaborative promote national "promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements action plan" implementation, the end of December 2016, science and Technology Department of Qinghai province and Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang province science and Technology Department, jointly organized the northwest technology transfer alliance, to build the national technology transfer center in Northwest China, promote the regional transfer of scientific and technological achievements transformation, boost regional economic and social development.

in recent years, the province’s patents and other scientific and technological achievements have increased significantly, the average annual growth rate of patent applications remain above 30%, the annual registration of provincial scientific and technological achievements in more than 400. To promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, our province has formulated the "Qinghai Province, deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms to accelerate innovation and drive the development of the implementation of opinions", "Qinghai Provincial People’s Government on speeding up the development of science and technology service industry views" and other policy measures, from the aspects of finance, platform construction, personnel and income distribution, optimize the environment so, encourage and support scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces. During the 12th Five-Year, the total turnover of technology market technology contract in our province from 1 billion 689 million yuan in 2011 to grow to $4 billion 695 million in 2015, an increase of 172.7%. The total turnover of technical contracts nationwide rose from twenty-fourth to twenty-second, ranking from the west to the top sixth in.

technology as a padded short board, to promote our province supply side structural reform, according to the sources of innovation of science and technology is less, lack of practice, our province science and Technology Department to further emancipate the mind, strengthen scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation between regions, relying on the geographical advantages, resources and environment, common, and make full use of the brother provinces in the northwest the science and technology resources, through policy guidance, market driven, promoting mutual benefit and win-win. "This year, we will establish and improve the five northwestern provinces of science and technology information exchange mechanism and transfer into the long-term mechanism, bigger and stronger in the northwest province (District) technology market; at the same time, will also organize" promoting the combination of scientific and technological achievements and promotion "and other activities, in-depth and effective transfer of scientific and technological achievements conversion activity." Provincial Science and technology department deputy director Zhang Chaoyuan said.


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