Wang Youcai fell in love football a prosperous good business Business

a lot of business people are feeling, once opened a shop, regardless of good or bad business, are stuck in the store, is really no time, but the protagonist Wang Youcai is not so, really is "work", play football every day. Not to mention, despite the love of football, but kicked out of a good business, the store business is booming.

five PM arrived, Wang Youcai retail customers hurried into his wife keep shop, put on a shirt and ran to the village activity center. Is the late autumn, the wind is not so gentle, kind of cool wind, but Wang is still the boss also shorts, particularly the spirit. Li Ai said his wife, he is in the district and the iron man to play football.

Wang Youcai, a few meters of the big, in the school is the main, so many years, although the opening of the supermarket, busy to be in swing, but this hobby has never left. A few years ago, just to shop here, just to have a small football stadium, Wang Youcai the right to play the two ball, gradually also met with common interests of residents, community later, simply organized an amateur football team, if it doesn’t rain every afternoon to a.

to see him in such a job, I asked curiously, this play, do not delay to do business? You also say, the district where the fans a lot, but they in our supermarket consumption of the main force, unless we did not sell these goods here to buy elsewhere, as long as the sales, we are all in the business here. Kick the ball to play out of the hardcore consumers, it seems, as long as a heart, do not worry about business is not good.

Li also love this to the author said, during the world cup, Wang Youcai is more "Crazy", he put the two row in the middle of the supermarket shelves are removed, after the wall put a big TV, leaving only the wall around the shelves, the space? Stay in the area to see the world cup fans! Because the world cup is basically in the night, those fans at home watching not only disturb the family, even the exchange of people who are not, so he suggested that Wang Youcai provides such a site, you also say, this evening with a roomful of people, tobacco and beverages non-staple food, a night of business in the amount of $one thousand or two thousand so, sometimes, this kind of goods sold more than a day. Worthless, sometimes also can hit the jackpot.

for the shop to do business, different people will have different operating methods, some people behave, but business is not booming, and someone like Wang Youcai "work", but can make the business more prosperous did. Therefore, shop operators, is a method of stress, rather than blindly efforts!

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