Tomb sweeping Day xiongan District Baoding City overcrowded

Recently, the establishment of the New District of Baoding,, not only raised the local prices, even the Qingming Festival holiday near the scenic spots will win people’s patronage. The Tourism Bureau of Anxin County of Hebei province Baoding city obtained the latest statistics, this year’s Qingming holiday (2 to 4) in Baiyangdian area about 18 thousand passengers were tourists, an increase of about 256.47%, a tourism social benefits 16 million 490 thousand yuan, an increase of 256.50%.

pearl of North China, located in the hinterland of Beijing, Tianjin and Baiyangdian, with a total area of 366 square kilometers, is the largest freshwater lake in the North China Plain, is the national 5A level scenic spots. Baiyangdian brings together 9 rivers of water from the foothills of the Taihang Mountains, the formation of a piece of the ditch by the river, the river connecting the size of the lakes of the 146 groups. Dense reeds in the summer, the formation of waterways in the reed wall maze, charming scenery.

Baiyangdian travel agency ground water department deputy general manager Di Ruijuan said, did not expect this year, tourists will increase, according to last year’s Qingming holiday experience only arranged 10 guides on duty. However, on the first day of Qingming holiday, they found that the number of tourists is expected to be more than 40 travel guides will be sent back to work.

"everything was a month ahead of schedule." Di Ruijuan said, the travel agency planned "five · a holiday before the launch of the online and offline products are also in the Qingming holiday tourists will be ahead of the launch, before in Anxin County before with the travel itinerary, the most fit to the new County after the temporary contact a travel agency.

work in Baiyangdian area in 4 years. Wang Huilai recalled that in previous years the average day Qingming holiday tourists stayed twice, some tourists on the shore may not have the time to rest, this year’s Qingming holiday tourists, have been sent to all the passengers, some four or five times a day to pull the visitors.

the establishment of the SAR, can promote the local economic development, won numerous recognition, natural product advantages will be much attention. "I don’t want to have so many people and things are going to be sold out. I’m going to hire two guys to help me for the next vacation." Zhou Yuehua said that the establishment of the New District of Baoding city will bring great changes to his hometown, he is looking forward to the future.

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