Poor families in Mudanjiang city get financial aid

to the Spring Festival, many people will be very happy, but for many poor families, have become very difficult, in the city of Mudanjiang, many poor families get financial aid, let them feel the warmth, become a driving force for the public. Let them feel the support from the government.

to January 16th, Mudanjiang in 2017 to send warm activity officially kicked off. It is understood that in order to ensure that the workers of the city, especially the difficulties workers are able to live a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, Mudanjiang City Federation of trade unions for half a month to raise 5 million yuan of funds warmth, before the Spring Festival will focus on the city’s 12 thousand rescue workers in difficulties.

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, in order to effectively solve the difficulties of workers during the two life issues, the City Federation of trade unions to carry out the "warm" activities. In order to ensure the effective implementation of the activities, the city’s trade unions at all levels through a variety of ways to raise a total of 5 million yuan of warm funds, before the Spring Festival on the city’s centralized rescue of 12 thousand workers.

in the hearts of many people, the Spring Festival can receive more blessings, you can make their families feel warm. Mudanjiang City Federation of trade unions will be on 2016 admitted to the university students to focus on difficult visits, including more than 60 students in the school difficult to visit the excellent in character and learning aid, the amount of subsidy 2000 yuan per semester.

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