Japanese food shop experience

in China there is an old saying that "do not listen to the old man, suffer in front of". Of course, this is just the experience of a generation of people to give us advice we should look like the same entrepreneurial experience, veteran can always have a lot of worth novice learning, although the world always belongs to the young people. Many young entrepreneurs want to learn from the experience of their predecessors to take some detours, such as opening a Japanese restaurant.

With the continuous deepening of international exchanges in various countries, a variety of foreign dishes are also pouring into the Chinese market,

. Among them, the Japanese cuisine is a unique taste and production methods to win the majority of consumers love. So if investors want to open a good Japanese restaurant, what work should be done? Here is a look at the success of the Japanese restaurant opened the experience and experience bar.

Japanese restaurant experience

first step: take advantage of geography, choose a good position

site plays a major role for the Japanese restaurant business is good or bad. As the saying goes, store an inch, a business zhang. Good shop is the stream of people, the flow of money, the exchange of information flow is the fastest and most active place. According to the traditional experience, a north-south on Commercial Street, South to Mong north; to open, east to West Mong surface; and a traditional commercial street, the most popular is not two, nor in the middle, and half of the place but close to half of the difference is not consistent with the golden ratio (1:0.618). Of course, this is not absolute, in the modern business environment under the guidance of the concept of clever design, from the human nature, psychology, habits and other factors to consider, often can create a home shop is a miracle shop.

second step: fine consideration, set a good name

name is not a regular word is not smooth, the importance of the shop number, related to their corporate image, but also directly affect the sales of the product. The Japanese restaurant in the shop before you take a good name. In general, names to be auspicious, easy to pronounce, unique, easy to memorize. Through the appropriate store name, so that customers know themselves, appreciate their own, trust themselves, to achieve long-term business cooperation. The name is well planned, can be handed down, free publicity.

third step: clever decoration, highlighting the personality

Japanese restaurant decoration directly affect the image of the store, the decoration is not to luxury for can, certainly not to humble shabby cost-effective, it is important to practical, personality, taste. Collocation, here we need to consider the color harmony goods on display, lighting effects, background music selection, see goods route and so on, all around a principle: enhance likability, promote the desire to buy. At the same time, the decoration of the Japanese restaurant should be in line with their own food

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