Business opportunities needs to dig from all the details

business there are a variety of details, and these details tend to hide more business opportunities, if you can grasp these opportunities, the store will have a greater help to operate. Yesterday, I was busy in front of the computer in order to sort out the topic. An old lady took her grandson to the shop. A door to see I was busy saying: you are busy, the sound of the afternoon to sleep at home, no one on the street, led the child no place to play, to the store to see". "Aunt, come and see me, I’ll sort out the information". The old lady is his own village, all know, I did not take her as an outsider, and then their own busy.

children are three or four years old is very naughty, took her grandmother’s hand went to the toy counter, I did not care too much, there are ten minutes, the child dragged the old lady to go. The old lady said hello, I quickly got up and went to the door to send her back to the toy counter, my day! There is a box of small cars, and 5 was opened by twisting magic feet, out of order, lying all over the floor. A look at the scene, almost speechless, very unhappy.

to restore the ruler of the original state, and then loaded into the box, the process is very complex. In the face of this skill I have no choice but to wait for his son to come back, let him help me. Dinner in the evening, my son and I sat in front of the shop, looking at his son’s clever little hand, right and left to twist the torsion of a magic ruler restitution. At that time I was not happy mood, he said to his son: "what people have, a little bit of quality is not, take a child to play ah, the child is not sensible, adults are not sensible ah? Hey!"

transform possessed son side feet, said: "Mom, don’t angry, you often say Friendliness is conducive to business success.? People are different. She’s messed up, we can’t get together again. If you don’t want to, the customer will get angry. Besides, if you saw, active marketing, told the old lady magic ruler can develop children’s intelligence, not somebody else can buy one, you want to do your own customers, of course whatever, don’t blame the customer." My son’s words made me speechless.

son said: "I teach you how to change the magic ruler, he will be able to introduce to the customer," and then say that the hand of the magic ruler into a key, and then become a puppy. Look at the cute appearance of his son, both happy and ashamed, a small age to understand the truth in business. My son’s words also infected me……

a lot of things, people only see one sidedness, even because of the one sidedness and sulking, but if we can from a more comprehensive perspective, maybe the business will have a different development. So, if we run a business, naturally need to dig in the details of business opportunities, may also be able to return a greater wealth oh.

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