Franchise investment way why good

since the foreign market economy has proved that the franchise than the self-employed can bring greater economic benefits to the market, but also greatly reduce the operating risk. So the domestic franchising model began to slowly up, the facts also prove that the franchise for the public will be better than the self-employed, everyone will take a lot less risk.

is now a lot of people in society investment, investment direction and all kinds of food and beverage industry, but is not a decline of the industry, and the higher the level of economic development, people’s consumption level is high, people for food demand will be changed a lot, now catering, promising in the future development is certainly. There is a large market, there are a lot of people want to invest now! A lot of people are choosing to join the chain investment, so the chain investment how


food and beverage industry, now the market competition is very intense, in order to occupy a space for one person in the catering industry, innovation is the key, must grasp the development trend in the future, the catering industry is following the development trend of the future:

stores miniaturization

from the catering business point of view, from 05 years to 07 years, there is a large dining Chinese wave, the business area of ten thousand square meters, is twenty thousand square meters, the general store business area has reached two thousand to three thousand square meters, large stores everywhere. Now the brand restaurant, home to the grandmother and green tea restaurant, the operating area of mostly two hundred to three hundred square meters. Now the store has become the main trend of miniaturization, as the representative of the West master, operating area of about ten square meters, the same can be their own brand business fast.

dishes refined

exquisite dishes and simple, do subtraction is the trend of the future of food, with carved sirloin as an example, the dishes for twelve, although the research and development of new dishes, but this is a continuous optimization process, the optimization of structure in the elimination of dishes. Because consumers in the future will be more dependent on the phone at the point of the phone, the phone itself is relatively small screen, placed too much food is not conducive to people’s choice.

price PFP

Beijing has a very of vigour of catering enterprises called Wu Sheng haggis soup, the per capita consumption of 20 yuan, the main target is the white-collar lunch market, because the price close to the people, has a strong vitality in the consumer, the current market rate of expansion has been far ahead of peers. Wu Sheng haggis soup from 2009 to 2015 the business now has more than and 50 stores, the boss also has billions of dollars worth of. Royal chicken this year from more than a dozen years of expansion to more than one hundred and fifty, Royal chicken can develop so fast, the first is the meal very fast, and very low cost. "