The investment for baby healthy growth of baby care the whole

the healthy growth of children, has always been a very important thing. Today, the tide of the father of the mother of the child’s health care. So, the demand for baby wipes is very large. There is no doubt that the small business choose to join the baby wipes project, open a shop belonging to their own baby wipes, is a very wise choice!

most treasure mother with baby wipes to clean the skin, especially in my baby diapers is clean, but don’t let the baby skin tender, wipes hurt the skin, buy baby wipes should pay attention to the following points.

alcohol in the wet towel is the main role of sterilization, but the alcohol is volatile, easy to wipe after the skin surface moisture loss, feeling tight and dry, resulting in skin discomfort, it should not give the baby to buy.

spices and alcohol are prone to stimulate the ingredients, so fragrant smell according to consumer preferences, but the flavor components increased the risk of allergic skin, so for baby products, should ensure that the pure natural is good. Therefore, many brands of wet wipes are clearly marked "no alcohol and spices added".

The purpose of the

preservative is to protect the product from microbial contamination, to extend the shelf life of the product and service life, however, the improper use of preservatives, will lead to allergic dermatitis. In addition to spices, preservatives are second common causes of skin irritation and skin irritation.

fluorescent agents should not appear in wet wipes. If the wet tissue contains a fluorescent agent, should be added in the non-woven fabric raw material treatment, which is also detrimental to the baby’s skin ingredients.

baby wipes are the main component of water, the water must be treated pure water, otherwise the water will be a large number of bacteria in the wet wipes on the baby’s skin and health.

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