A good heart to do business Business

may be affected by the character, perhaps associated with the growth of the environment, in short, each owner in the store when the operation will take different strategies. Some people say that doing business is also a person. That’s all right. That is the new year after I returned home after the occurrence of things, neighbors are usually from the author here to buy recharge cards, when I am anxious to fill. Because the author is not the reason, she went to the supermarket to buy.

she told her boss to give her a charge, the results of the boss said: "I just sell card recharge, I would like to help you fill, you give me a dollar plus I will give you a good filling." At that time, she was angry, and the boss Theory: "you see, there is no customer, you help me fill it, waiting to use it, to help you can do a little ah! Do not delay your business." The boss doesn’t take care of her. She didn’t buy it. She went to the store and bought it.

coincidentally, before the occurrence of an unpleasant thing, but also neighbors encountered. She said: you said my back ah, when the new year is to catch up with the angry, that she was in a hurry to change, not far from the cake room to change, the boss said: "what, you want to choose their own, do not buy things not give you change."

in fact, live in the same street, looked up to see, for what? Neighbor persuasion, people are iron weights do not give change, no way, and the urgent need of change, but to buy half a catty of cake is to give money to change. After these things, the neighbors know that: sister or Hello, I usually change along with, I often come to see you, always anxious customer anxious, the customer would like to think, no matter who will change, I think you have to change, and regardless of whether you buy things.

and my cell phone card, every time you have patience to give me a good, did not know before, I thought it was you should do, and now know that it is your obligation. No wonder your business is always so prosperous, this is your good intentions, good popularity, we like to patronize you here.

how a person’s heart in the end, this will actually have a great relationship with the development of the business. In fact, life is like a mirror, reflecting different images. In these seemingly small things, even their own do not know. In fact, because of their own good, to bring their own a lot of tourists. As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will be very beautiful.