Do retail business needs practical work and life

people do things, and there is no certain lever, however, since ancient times, for people to do things, in fact, we all have a written statement, which is practical work, honest man". In fact, if it is to do retail business, the same applies to the guidelines. Therefore, if you are a member of the retail industry, want to do business, it is necessary to comply with this.

shop to engage in business, in order to give the customer a good impression, we must work hard, honest man." Retail customers Zhang Hong said, my shop is located in the south of Huaian City People’s road, only around the department store business there are 10 households, the competition is fierce. Here the environment is more special, do is some of the old customer business, most of these old customers around the residents, the flow of foreign customers rarely. I think, as a business to do business, the most important is to treat people with sincerity, quality and price. The only way to win popularity, access to customers of all ages."

"that’s a good idea! Not only do business, but also to do so!" Reporters secretly thought. So, I casually asked: "in this regard, Zhang boss, what do you think?" Zhang Hong said with a smile: "not only to ensure the authenticity of the goods, and the price should be fair, whether it is understanding, or do not know, the elderly or children, should be treated equally, do not have close relatives. At the same time, in the business, never for a moment and hit careless consumers with petty profits to deceive customers, because the business is temporary, but life is long.

once the problem, it is their own hit his signature. At the same time, can not sell fake and shoddy goods, but the credibility of the store’s life, once lost a good reputation, in order to do a good job, it is also very difficult." Secondly, the person should be honest, which is every retail customers are aware of the truth, but because of the immediate petty profits, some retail customers temptation, finally made a bad impression to the customer, do not affect the image, also flow away business.

Zhang Hong told reporters such a story. The day before the last "May Day" is busy in the afternoon, the supermarket replenishment Zhang Hong saw a cashier at a red women’s handbag, ask collection lover do not know who is lost here. So, he opened the bag and see if there is no owner information, in addition to a handbag wallet, there are seven or eight bottles of medicine. Zhang Hong readily opened the wallet, a look, in addition to more than 1 thousand dollars in cash, there are three credit cards and a medical card, there is no identity card or other owner information.

Zhang Hong thought at the time, "who was so careless that he forgot to leave it here?" Love to say: "you quickly put the bag to collect it, to prevent the loss of being taken away here!" Although the heart about this thing, but after a few days, no one has found.