nvestment Hudajie potato powder what conditions need to be met

like potato flour, rice noodles in the catering market, which has long been catering projects, has formed a rigid demand in the food market. This category of natural market brands will not be too small, if you want to get a foothold in the food and beverage market through these small projects, the choice of the brand is very important. Here is Hudajie potato powder do you recommend.

Hudajie potato powder brand belongs to Zhengzhou Zhengwei Catering Management Consulting Co., Hudajie brand by spring breeze of reform and opening up, since 1995 opened its first store in Henan in Qingfeng, has been focused on the traditional and fashion and cultural integration of Chinese style fast food service, always uphold " sincere and trustworthy, professional, sharing and win-win, create excellent " core values, commitment to achieve " build Chinese respected fast-food brands " great vision.

Hudajie potato flour company has been operating for 21 years, the country has 700 successful stores, we summed up a set of mature store management system and marketing system. Can help franchisees to copy.

Hudajie potato powder join condition:

01, a legal person with a legal personality or an independent capacity for civil conduct;

02, have a certain economic strength, good ability to fund the ability to take the risk of investment;

03, suitable for catering business places;

04, with a firm commitment to character and entrepreneurial determination;

05, have good communication and coordination ability, good personal reputation;

06, with the support of family and friends, a wide range of human resources;

07, with basic management capabilities and clear investor role positioning and authority;

08, to comply with the franchisor’s franchise model, store location requirements and other franchise rules;

09, has consciously safeguard the franchisee business resources, establish a "Hudajie" brand image consciousness, willing to accept the supervision and guidance of the franchisor.

so Hudajie fee is how much? Hudajie potato powder jiamengfei is divided into three levels: County, city and provincial capital cities, municipalities directly under the central government. County store 186 thousand and 500 yuan, prefecture level city store $248 thousand, the provincial capital city of 361 thousand and 500 yuan, the flagship store of $483 thousand, we can choose the right way according to their actual situation.