Choose small dumpling soup to join the brand how net

than the industry as agricultural, business, want to make money you have to throw off the arm bold stem. At the beginning of the business if you want to join in the form of their own entrepreneurial path, then you need to choose the brand. Small dumpling brand was founded in 1994, is committed to providing variety development and sales, as consumers now, whether products or services in the industry are second to none, so popular. In addition, joining the small dumpling can also get the headquarters to provide support, reduce your risk of franchising, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, is the franchise brand. As an investor, you do not miss, the following is a specific project, a detailed understanding of it!

joined the small dumpling? What are the conditions? What kind of project support can you provide investors? Specific look at the following:

small dumpling joining conditions:

1, identification of small dumpling brand, a natural person with valid documents or legal documents.

2, the operation and development concept of the recognized company.

3, good capital operation, and sales accounting ability.

4, to provide effective business premises, legitimate business qualifications.

The operation of

5, implement and comply with the "small dumpling" project management system.

6, with good sense of cooperation, good business reputation.

7, a rational investment mentality, can objectively look at the relationship between investment and return.

small dumpling join support:

1, brand image support

who joined the small dumpling franchisee can enjoy the use of the brand trademark and brand logo permissions, the headquarters will provide a unified style of decoration for the franchise, to highlight the brand awareness and characteristics, so that stores can enjoy the brand market value.

2, the entire store output support

headquarters to provide a range of guidance from the store location evaluation to the decoration design, business guidance, promotion programs to ensure the smooth opening of franchisees.

3, free training support

regularly appointed experts to store service personnel, business people, managers of the various levels of training, not to start a manager education courses, improve the management level.