How to join terminal Hot pot story

hot pot to join the project selection, has been very much the choice of market development space. No doubt, with the characteristics of the brand to join the choice of hot pot project, is to make delicious business opportunities! Pier story hot pot? High quality hot pot to join the project, worthy of our attention!

to join the story of the pier hot pot? How much does it cost?

how to join the wharf story hot pot? How much does it cost? The wharf story hot pot joins the support:

promotion support: to develop a complete set of sales promotion plan and marketing strategy for the wharf story hot pot chain.

after-sales support: After Sales Department will be within 48 hours, the solution and delivered to the franchisee.

ingredients support: how to join the wharf story hot pot? How much money? Core sauce distribution support, brand and business protection.

training support: the company has a professional training department, is a highly skilled, experienced training team.

technical support: a professional chef with over ten years experience. There will be a new product every other time.

shop support: the whole store output model, free to use the headquarters of the professional brand logo design, a set of brand image design.

high quality projects, with the characteristics of delicious. If you also want to join the pier story pot project, do not hesitate to act quickly! Come and leave a message, let us work together to create wealth!