What is the condition of joining Rosa cake

cake to join the project in order to Rosa cake not only taste good, but also to enjoy the fine. Many have asked similar questions to join the brand to join investors interested in joining, Rosa cake at least how much money? How much is the lowest cost to Rosa cake? If you want to join the Rosa cake, which should be before each to join the venture investors are very concerned about the problem. Because in order to successy join Rosa cake, first of all to go beyond the threshold is the capital, there is no sufficient funds to talk about joining is on paper. In order to put everyone’s problems, small series to bring you this article, want to join the Rosa cake you can come to see Oh, can help you also maybe?

how much does it cost? Join what conditions to meet?

Rosa cake joining minimum cost is 174 thousand yuan. I believe that some people will doubt that there are so many costs?. This is a cost of joining small generally expected, is not absolute, because the join is more adapted to local conditions, It differs from man to man., so this fee is different, for reference Oh here! Here is attached Rosa cake together to join conditions for your reference


Rosa cake join conditions:

1, joined the business with legal personality, with a certain economic strength, good reputation, reliable credit.

2, joined the business premises, commercial area of about 30-200 square meters; non owner of the franchisee, the lease period of at least five years.

3, the city should have a certain scale and level of consumption, business premises should be in the more prosperous urban streets, convenient transportation, with a certain amount of passenger traffic or potential consumption.

4, franchisee voluntarily joined the Rosa bakery chain system, to recognize the franchise business philosophy and comply with the provisions of Rosa bakery.

5, willing to take part in the training and promotion activities.

Rosa cake development so far, has set up 11 companies, with a chain of stores, is one of the largest enterprises in the domestic pastry industry, one of the largest enterprises in the world, one of the largest enterprises in the world. The strength of its development should not be underestimated, if you want to join the Rosa cake, you can move to join the Rosa cake, join hands to create wealth.