Snack bar decoration principles

the development of today’s snack market fiery, it also attracted a large number of franchisees to invest. But want to successfully run a snack franchise, in the decoration style should pay more attention to. How to join the snack shop decoration? There are many aspects need to pay attention to, under normal circumstances should follow the following principles:

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Semi finished fresh electricity supplier model you ready

A big reason

is that young people are not willing to buy cooking ingredients, cleaning and other preparatory work is very troublesome, and is not doing a little worry about food hygiene problems, is in such a tangle of semi-finished products of fresh electricity market A new force suddenly rises. Do not have to prepare for your own good ingredients to do the finished product, so that cooking is a simple thing.

fresh electricity supplier in the field of competition by four to one of the reasons is that many in the field of pain. From the production, circulation, logistics and distribution to the pot cooking, as long as it can solve any of the segments of the pain points, are likely to open up a new vertical market. For young white-collar workers, starting from the dinner scene, Ge can find the entrepreneurial inspiration, founded a recipe based food ordering, booking new flavor website. read more

Sichuan to build three Jenshou platform to attract me home business

once migrant labor workers are seen as flying out of the valley of Phoenix, now in the foreign workers is regarded as more geese, home to take multiple entrepreneurial incentives and security, let the wild goose home early. Renshou County, Sichuan, Meishan to build three business platform, a comprehensive and accurate way to promote migrant workers and farmers entrepreneurs to return home.

The first Sichuan county population of the county

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Why do the good franchising business

investors often talk about franchising in the mouth, then what is franchising, franchising compared to what are the advantages of self-employed? Please see the following details:

franchise is the franchise owner in the form of the contract, to allow the franchisee of compensation for the use of its name, trademark, proprietary technology, products and management experience in the business model of business activities. The franchisee is permitted to use the common trademark, trade name, corporate image, work procedure, etc.. But an enterprise that is owned or invested by a franchisee himself. read more