Website optimization key keyword density

1, usually long tail keywords increase the main keyword density. We should first choose a main keywords for your web site, for example, women’s fashion website "the biggest sister love beauty", the main keywords selected as "female information", then we can improve the density by setting the long tail key way. Now I see the long tail keywords: female fashion information, beautiful women, women health information, beautiful female information, sister love beautiful female information, so the number of female information appeared significantly increased. read more

The role of the breadcrumb navigation Shanghai Dragon

the bread crumbs site navigation structure is clear, the user browsing a page, know their location, convenient user returns to the parent directory or click into the lower directory. For example, the three layer of breadcrumbs, users can easily browse the content page, column page and return the website home page, users can return to the home page or column page click into the next layer of content page, greatly improves the user experience of reading, let users browse the site more clear, more efficient browsing. read more

A business website should choose a few key words


mentioned above is mainly aimed at companies make products more, and are competitive, so it’s time to pay attention to "optimize a large flow of words is better than optimizing multiple flow of small words much better"

An enterprise !Now the cycle optimization of

in this case, can only choose one, for example, only "what to eat", around the word to do things that make the optimization becomes very simple, the site layout will be key words a lot easier, and, in a word to do the optimization, will choose the relatively large flow the effect is certainly better than words, optimize multiple flow of small words better! This is in line with the "small is beautiful" strategy read more

English website promotion video Unruly Media financing 25 million

January 4th news, according to foreign media reports, Google in the browser to "buy the Gunners" behavior of the British website promotion video Unruly Media recently announced funding for 25 million dollars in venture capital company social video advertising.

This round of financing

Torch Partners and Orrick law firm, and Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP has reviewed the financing. (Fei Ning

‘s investors include venture capital firm Amadeus Capital Partners, Van den Ende & Deitmers Growth Fund; and Business, as well as five banks invested $3 million 890 thousand. It is reported that the funds raised will be used to promote social video advertising. read more

Keywords expand your target keywords how to expand your keyword list


keyword synonym, synonym search keywords, let you dig out useful phrases and terms, similar to your original list, it can be particularly useful for long tail keywords, if you want to familiarize yourself with the brand new market.

keyword expansion and why is it important?

website, can find a competitor’s website and your website is highly correlated, the competitor’s website is an important source of your access to your site keywords inspiration and ideas. There are several ways to get good keywords from the competitor’s website: read more

mprove the keyword density of reasonable ranking let you fly

title plays a very important role in the site, in the early years of the search engine can discharge the website to love Shanghai home, only through the title and description title in Shanghai love as can be imagined, the weight of how high, so we can use the title to increase keyword density, specific keyword + written as follows: the long tail keyword + company name, the title is not too long, the content you want to express express can be described! Now for the search engine than not so important, but it will be displayed in the search engine, and then write well, describe the way is to use a simple sentence, to express our service can add keywords, in the description you don’t remember, keyword and description of keyword stuffing, the consequences of this is K read more

According to the core keywords optimized strategy analysis of Shanghai Dragon

two core optimization strategy of

3: the home page columns on as much as possible some target keywords, such as the lathe for example, such as increased several columns is Beijing Beijing lathe lathe knowledge, price and so on, so as to enhance the weight of home page


1: first.

Enterprise Station

5: add a new column, such as the establishment of a two level directory of the blog or BBS, depending on your industry, choose a different way, must choose the two directory, do not use the two level domain, and then use the anchor text keywords do the Lord of the domain name, the part of the purpose is to release some keywords and target related content, make the content inside more relevant keywords and target keywords to anchor text to the home page, usually on the same page target keywords inside, just add a anchor text on the line, not too much read more

How do the site keywords ranking stability

fourth: do not handle a large number of Links, we all know that search engine is not normal there will be a lot of stand down the right, as soon as possible.

third: don’t go to a large area of fluctuating revision, especially to modify the title of the site, do not do this, you will do the ranking is even worse, don’t make a revision to the internal structure, try to stay the same, the home page keywords anchor text point and density have the appropriate fine-tuning, I stand because the adjustment of anchor point and key words, cause now included is not normal, see screenshot read more

For some new Adsense advice

three, the site construction chain is anxious. The site construction, love Shanghai included more or less there will be a period of study, unless you love the Shanghai auction at the beginning, this period you need not to update the content (updated website and keywords relevant article is essential, especially the early site, the original article is very important, the best regular update update one day, a few, until love Shanghai included normal and stable, can be adjusted after the update cycle), in addition, on the chain to avoid anxious, the chain group that spurned the low quality of the mail is a risk of a new station. And the quality is not high, no weight. It is best to high quality soft Wen form, and reprint. read more

Blog optimization specification notes

(a) ad optimization specification

4, in the article headings are shown in bold, bold conclusion and key points of important settings. This article must have labels, tags must have corresponding alias.

(two) article editing optimization specification

had his head, hang a lot of love for Shanghai alliance advertising in his blog, topic description, theme, theme link suspension, these three types of advertising with my blog, seriously affecting the blog reading experience. In thinking about the positioning of their own blog, I removed all the advertising theme suspension, especially the side bar suspended advertising, suddenly becomes a refreshing interface. read more