Website ranking out how to do the internal analysis

The core of the The

website: 贵族宝贝 domain name /column/column22_1.htm. For a directory, the directory should be written in form of 贵族宝贝 domain name / directory name or domain name / 贵族宝贝 / directory name.Htm, so it is a more reasonable structure. The structure form of web content is as follows: 贵族宝贝 domain name /htm/column457.htm, this structure is not reduced. If the site is relatively small, can be defined as the domain name web content: 贵族宝贝 /.Htm file name; if the link must conform to the logic structure, it can also be defined as 贵族宝贝 domain name / directory / file name.Htm. Now, the design of URL many sites is not reasonable, or no rules, or link level too deep. read more

Web site keywords ranking off again the practice experience

is the content of the problem, can do some restoration changes, and observed a few days, pay attention to the change in rank. If you really do not know how to modify, you can change a template, and then continue to do the content and the chain. If it is Links problem, can choose to remove the problematic links, and in each other certainly need to say hello. If the chain number is greatly reduced, so you have to consider another way to do outside the chain.


ranking drop or disappear, you must know whether most people have the same situation, and take another look at our own competitive rankings have change. If the majority of the site ranking fluctuation is too large, and the ranking of search results can be regarded as abnormal, then the search engine database error occurred. Now do not worry, continue to update and the chain, their noses. read more

Liang Hua of Shanghai as in the habit of Longfeng Mo by habit

Er should work with the Shanghai dragon search engine change, this is no doubt, but not any change we have to change, sometimes we have to learn to calm, calm, calm. Two days before the Baidu to aunt, tens of thousands of the chain finally only 64, but out of the rankings included didn’t change, also need not worry too much. Indeed, at around half past six in the afternoon, the chain was restored, and even small scale growth.

just entered the Shanghai dragon in this industry, and senior teachers said, Shanghai dragon is actually very simple, just repeat the article every day, outside the chain, to develop good habits of Shanghai dragon can. In fact, Liang Hua also follow the advice, to develop good habits. Every morning, will query the web site collected, chain, chain, home page ranking, there is no black chain and so on various situations. I believe everyone has his own Shanghai dragon habit, no doubt, have a good habit of Shanghai dragon Er is a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, but only if there is such a habit of Shanghai dragon Er, is definitely not a good Shanghai dragon er. (a little clumsy, but the fact is that read more

What don’t move your website title

is the first to stop this dangerous behavior, do not change the website title and keywords, the search engine ranking on the site, the information shown is the title of the website, so not to modify.

website optimization is a great need for patience, I am on the road this optimization also planted numerous tumble, and most profound memories of that time to pay almost let me and love Shanghai on the right.

a love Shanghai ranked big update second date morning, I’m looking forward to the view when I site included and ranking, almost to the jaw dropped, what this situation, and I had a heart to a difference of one hundred and eight thousand ah, suddenly felt that he had confidence in the end is coming from?! love Shanghai, included sharply reduce the keyword "Chengdu glass factory" and "Chengdu art glass" is ranked from the original home out Not the least trace was found.. I like winter suddenly being poured cold water on the head! So long time to do such a wash and empty sad, regret?. But, to the webmaster friends to send the wrong signal for help, this time they gave me a profound reflection, and gave me some good advice. read more

Optimization of dotting users of the site optimization in Shanghai Longfeng three

The contribution of In this case

, a user for high quality original content.

website to quickly improve the search rankings, must have a fairly wide and have a certain quality of the external links, which are generally owners spend a lot of time every day to each big forum posting, the promotion to soft or by forum signature to extend the chain, no doubt this method for personal webmaster is quite hard, but the effect is also relatively slow. In order to break through the bottleneck of the individual owners, users can play the power of the rapid increase of the website chain. read more

The nternet source of garbage to bad Shanghai dragon training institutions

Shanghai dragon form

said the anchor text, engaged in the work of Shanghai Longfeng people know that the anchor text is used to increase the number of import website keywords, said the popular point is a hyperlink. And a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers, will release a large number of anchor text on the Internet every day, some of the anchor text or dark chain, simply can not pay attention to find. A user accidentally was taken into the anchor text of the target site, the target station, is largely not the visitors want to visit, a form of anchor text, a lot of useless to deceive the search engine and users is Shanghai Longfeng waste. read more

Liu Zuohu why is the next apple Add up and be yourselfThe only VC that gives money is VC that is fre

When Liu Zuohu

has been emphasized in a concise, focused, and extreme, let the media reminiscent of apple, the media asked Liu Zuohu to be the next apple? Liu Zuohu confidently asked: "why do the next apple? Is the next one and become their own wow. It is the most important."

compares the number of people who play the game with the value of the game and then resell the item to sell

the VC that gives money only is VC

perhaps it is because I have done some seed capital, perhaps because I am concerned about the venture capital industry, often see entrepreneurs urgently asked me in micro-blog and WeChat private background, they have a project, where to go find read more

f were a search engine learn to stand in the search engine optimization on one side

6, if I is the search engine, I will love the chain website has very good website, because I feel that I love those websites have a good guide to the user, a reasonable guide users to browse the web.

10, if I is the search engine, I love those websites website customer for a long time, because I think this station is the most valuable to users. It is worth, I should put it to number one, or to our search engine.

9, if I is the search engine, I will consider a keyword in the search way, people will take the initiative to click on his website title, because I think the user directly click, because he has become the brand. The user wants to come to his station directly through our search engine, so the users are in urgent need of the website, so we don’t put him in the front row, then we also mixed what users will abandon us, use other search engines. read more

Novice combat surgeon series a single auction 20 single consumption 4000

project is mainly for the products of female products, click on price maintained at between 3.5–4 dollars.

account of the operation, to avoid the emergence of an article on the problems in the sense of stability of advertising, and the delivery time and the region made a certain degree of optimization, optimization of creative advertising, the breakdown of the advertising group, closer to the actual

and relatively speaking, in the second article, the student consumer advertising costs reached 6000 yuan, there are a lot of false traffic. The accounts of the operation, completely avoid the strategy before the rash rash, and occupy the love between 3–5 left Shanghai; one of the important details is that this account to do more long tail keywords, and the failure of the case, only a few key words read more

Love Shanghai products monopoly the flow of Shanghai dragon decide on what path to follow

love Shanghai product itself is a good platform for the promotion, but many owners did not make good use of its role, only to Shanghai and Shanghai ranked by love dragon products chain, the hand.

interference love Shanghai products, want to do keyword ranking is not simple, no matter how to adjust the station, how to release the chain, love Shanghai products is still difficult to shake, in the face of love extrusion products in Shanghai, Shanghai dragon to optimize the

go with love Shanghai product promotion website read more