Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc ( 2013 Annual Report

first_imgSeplat Petroleum Development Company Plc ( listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange under the Energy sector has released it’s 2013 annual report.For more information about Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc ( reports, abridged reports, interim earnings results and earnings presentations, visit the Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc ( company page on AfricanFinancials.Document: Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc (  2013 annual report.Company ProfileSeplat Petroleum Development Company Plc is an oil and gas exploration company in Nigeria operating a portfolio of assets in the Niger Delta Region. This includes a 45% stake in OML 4 which covers an area of 267 square kilometres; a 45% stake in OML 38 which covers an area of 2 094 square kilometres; and a 45% stake in OML 41 that covers an area of 291 square kilometres. Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc also holds a 40% non-operated working interest in OPL 283 marginal field which is located in the northern onshore deposit-belt of the Niger Delta; a 40% non-operated interest in OML 53 that covers an area of 1 585 square kilometres located onshore in north-eastern Niger Delta; and interest in OML 55 that covers an area of 840 square kilometres located in south-eastern Niger Delta. The company’s head office is in Lagos, Nigeria. Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchangelast_img read more

The ‘war on women’

first_img the Rev’d Dr. Elizabeth Kaeton says: Remember Holy Land Christians on Jerusalem Sunday, June 20 American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem the Rev’d Dr. Elizabeth Kaeton says: Rector Knoxville, TN Thomas Andrew says: February 6, 2012 at 10:05 pm Thank you, Elizabeth, for leading the way. This fight for women’s rights and women’s dignity is far from over. There has been a lot of slippage in the last couple of decades as the U.S. economy enjoyed its heyday and things looked like they would never crash. Now it’s time to get serious again to ensure that women can effectively use our right to vote and our share of the economy, our families’ and our nation’s, to help our sisters and daughters claim their places in the workplace, in our churches, in the government, in the boardroom, and with medical service providers. Lelanda Lee says: February 10, 2012 at 8:01 pm There’s actually a war against humanity. It’s been going on a long time. If you would perhaps move from a self-centered single-issue of sexuality/gender, perhaps you could see the bigger picture. But any action that murders millions of unborn Children of God every year can not be condoned by those claiming to represent their Creator. Comments (34) Submit a Job Listing Rector Collierville, TN Family Ministry Coordinator Baton Rouge, LA Assistant/Associate Rector Washington, DC February 6, 2012 at 5:52 pm Please tell us how we can help. [Episcopal News Service] There is an undeclared war on women in this country and around the world.The recent decision by the Susan G. Komen Foundation to essentially end its decades-long partnership with Planned Parenthood brought this struggle, which was played out in the Internet at head-snapping speed, to a different new battleground.Komen’s founder and chief executive, Nancy G. Brinker, held a news conference and insisted that the organization’s decision had nothing to do with abortion or politics. Rather, she said, it resulted from improved grant-making procedures and was not intended to make a target of Planned Parenthood.Her comments directly contradicted those of John D. Raffaelli, a Komen board member and Washington lobbyist, who reported that Komen made the changes to its grant-making process specifically to end its relationship with Planned Parenthood.By the end of the week, Brinker apologized and said that the grants promised to Planned Parenthood – $700,000 last year, a tiny portion of its $93 million in grants to finance 19 separate programs – would be re-instated. Indeed, in the process, Planned Parenthood received over a million dollars in additional contributions – including a very public matching grant of $250,000 from New York Mayor Bloomberg – in less than 72 hours.No one from the Komen Foundation is talking, but from the buzz on the Internet, hundreds of thousands of people – men and women – are pledging not to support the efforts of the organization that made pink ribbons an outward and visible sign of the “race for the cure” to end breast cancer.That battle was won but the war is far from over. The reproductive rights of women are under sharp attack from the religious and political forces of the evangelical right, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party. The battle plan is patently clear: limit women’s access to abortion, birth control, and services after rape and sexual assault by changing laws, state by state, and ensure that government funding is not delivered to any agency that supports reproductive rights in any way.  Do this with a ballot in one hand and a Bible in the other. And when you don’t get what you want, cry “religious intolerance.”On another front, human trafficking is a mega-billion dollar global industry unregulated by any country or international body. It is a criminal activity ignored and/or tolerated with devastating consequences for the person involved. Trafficking ranks just behind drug and arms trading as the most lucrative forms of commerce. It is no surprise that the vast majority of trafficked persons are women and children. Nor is it any shock that most of those who do the trafficking are men.The violence continues unabated. A report released in late December 2011 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that one in four women in the United States suffers “severe physical violence,” and one in five is raped at some time in their life. Millions of women are suffering serious violence quietly at any time.According to another CDC survey, four women die because of domestic violence every day in the United States of America. For every woman who dies, hundreds keep suffering without any recourse, without any letup in violence. They remain alive, but are not “living” by any dignified definition of the word.These are just some of the battles of this war. There are many, many others, including employment, education, immigration, access to affordable health care options, health insurance, the military and yes, the church,As national convener of the Episcopal Women’s Caucus, I receive calls and e-mails from women – ordained and members of the laity – who tell horrific stories of unfair employment practices, which include discrimination in salaries as well as hiring, firing, insurance and pension benefits. These may not show up in the statistics of the church, but the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming.The recent battle between Komen vs. Planned Parenthood gives us many insights on how women and men of quality can fight back for equality. The fatal flaw in the Komen battle plan was to consider Planned Parenthood just another organization. It is not. It is what it always has been: a movement. Organizations are fine. Movements are better.Social media played a critically important role in this battle. Women can mobilize without the cost of meetings and gatherings and travel expenses or salaries for executives and staff. It is relational but not incarnational, so it does have its drawbacks, but it remains a highly effective way to have our voices heard about what happens to our bodies.“The personal is political.” That was the battle cry of the early feminist movement. It has never been more true than today. It is also deeply spiritual. Women of faith must begin to use the tools offered to us in the post-modern world to fight a battle that in many ways is as old as the Garden of Eden.  With a modicum of organization, we can become a movement that is a force to be reckoned with.So, pick up your smart phones, ladies, and take up your fax machines, turn on your laptops and fire up the Internet. Let’s tweet, text, IM, Facebook, fax, phone and e-mail our way to justice and equality.There is an undeclared war on women in this country and around the world.— The Rev. Elizabeth Kaeton is an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Newark and the national convener of the Episcopal Women’s Caucus. She was recently elected to a three-year-term on the national board of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights. Course Director Jerusalem, Israel Doug Desper says: Associate Rector Columbus, GA Featured Jobs & Calls P.M. Summer says: February 6, 2012 at 6:16 pm Religious fundamentalists and radical extremists who desecrate Scripture (“a ballot in one hand and a Bible in the other) to enact laws against women’s’ health and reproductive health, must be watched most closely, especially in state legislatures. Some of the most onerous laws against women are made in rural areas, putting unreasonable barriers between women, especially poor women, and their health providers.Legislators have no business in the examination room, dictating the practice of medicine.And while abortion invokes much passion, religious leaders have a special duty to reinforce that a woman is more than a pelvis.We must also remember the “fathers” of the Church never agreed exactly when life (ensoulment) began. We must be wary of “personhood” legislation, which would give full rights to an embryo in her earliest days.Let us remember we must come to the assistance of the poor, sick, and needy, AKA the already born.Thank you for you work, Mother Kaeton.Let us pray that the Light of Scripture and the Gospel Teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, envelop those who would be false teachers, those who are hard of heart, and bring them the Truth of God.H.G. Bishop Timothy (MacLam)Pilgrim Prayer & Healing Ministries The Church Pension Fund Invests $20 Million in Impact Investment Fund Designed to Preserve Workforce Housing Communities Nationwide Church Pension Group the Rev’d Dr. Elizabeth Kaeton says: Submit a Press Release February 8, 2012 at 6:58 am The HHS ruling requires employers’ compliance regardless of whether they receive government funds. mary grech says: Rector/Priest in Charge (PT) Lisbon, ME the Rev’d Dr. Elizabeth Kaeton says: Dennis Reeves says: P.M. Summer says: Director of Administration & Finance Atlanta, GA Jeffrey Wells, RN says: February 9, 2012 at 11:01 pm To each his/her own. February 16, 2012 at 12:34 am Thank you!!! At last a voice of reason. You’re right! Call it what it is, I can’t believe grinding up a baby in the wound can possibly be considered an advancement of woman’s rights. The more I read here is that you can justify murder or anything else as long as you slap the woman’s rights label on it first. I do believe in birth control but not murder. Woman should exercise their rights before they become pregnant, that is, use contraception. If it applies, wait until your prepared to have children – this horrible act of Abortion is easily avoided. Cathedral Dean Boise, ID February 7, 2012 at 10:34 pm Paul – If any church of any denomination is going to accept government money to provide medical care, it must follow the law. Birth control is legal. Any religious denomination has the absolute right to its beliefs but it can not deny legal medical care to people because of those beliefs.Thomas – If abortion were murder, it would be illegal. It is not. The War Against Women includes more than the denial of reproductive rights. That is only one battle, many of which I’ve listed in this article. You are absolutely entitled to think abortion is wrong. You are not entitled to prevent a woman from having an abortion if she believes it is right for her. No woman gets pregnant in order to have an abortion. In the Episcopal Church, we recognize that an abortion is always a tragedy but we support the woman’s right to make that choice for herself. Tracy Wood says: February 8, 2012 at 12:23 pm Martha – A more careful reading of this post will reveal that the accusation you articulated was not made about Komen. Allow me to quote directly from this article: “The reproductive rights of women are under sharp attack from the religious and political forces of the evangelical right, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party. The battle plan is patently clear: limit women’s access to abortion, birth control, and services after rape and sexual assault by changing laws, state by state, and ensure that government funding is not delivered to any agency that supports reproductive rights in any way. Do this with a ballot in one hand and a Bible in the other. And when you don’t get what you want, cry “religious intolerance.”I hope this clarification is helpful to you. February 6, 2012 at 10:36 pm I write with deep gratitude to you Elizabeth on behalf of your global sisters across the world – the struggles for women actually know no cultural or geographic bounds – the injustices we experience simply vary only in the intensity and in the form of the violence being used against us.Kia kaha, kia maia. mary grech says: February 11, 2012 at 11:38 am I am a “so called” prolifer. I am a small business owner, mother to three beautiful women, and a former Episcopalian. At 19 I was single and pregnant. I was advised to abort by my friends and the father. I did not! 30 yars later I provide FREE Occupational Therapy services to the “already born” and our small family business has been named Disability Employer of the year. Why am I no longer an Episcopalian? Because the inner city parish I attended REFUSED to provide information about the local FREE Elizabeth’s New Life Center, & Black Woman’s Network. They are excellent resources for adoption, grants for school, and other ways to choose life for the LONG TERM! My former parish would actively fund raise for Planned Parenthood, however. When I pressed to display literature (not even fundraise) for the Network, I was asked to leave the parish (after 25 years an Episcopalian). So Virginia, please start a dialogue with those you so openly deride. There are many,many of us women fighting for the unborn AS well as the already born. The Episcopal Church just doesn’t want to hear from us! Oh, and being prolife is NOT cheap or easy – the hours and money spent to save the unborn as well as already born adds up quickly.I will provide verification of this information to any who ask. MMG Episcopal Church releases new prayer book translations into Spanish and French, solicits feedback Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs Ya no son extranjeros: Un diálogo acerca de inmigración Una conversación de Zoom June 22 @ 7 p.m. ET Rector Pittsburgh, PA Curate Diocese of Nebraska TryTank Experimental Lab and York St. John University of England Launch Survey to Study the Impact of Covid-19 on the Episcopal Church TryTank Experimental Lab February 8, 2012 at 3:03 pm Most of Komen’s board ARE women, so it’s a “war on women” being fought against women BY women. See how childish your buzzwords sound now? Come to think of it, most pro-lifers are women. Priest-in-Charge Lebanon, OH February 13, 2012 at 3:42 pm “If abortion were murder, it would be illegal. It is not.” Elizabeth Kaeton“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.“Hell is paved with priests’ skulls.” St. John Chrysostom Mary S. Gould says: February 11, 2012 at 9:30 am The war against women can be fought without killing ANY babies! February 13, 2012 at 7:30 pm Actually, I am pretty sure the war has BEEN declared, against women, and against children who are born and suffering. Here in Missouri, one crazed state legislator, Cynthia Davis, kept bottled up for THREE years a bill to improve oversight of unlicensed day cares because she was adamant that she would only deal with laws that would restrict abortion. She scoffed at the grieving grandmother of a toddler who died in an unlicensed day care, saying that the family merely wanted a “souvenir” law to somehow assuage their grief. This same woman assailed school lunch programs because she said that hunger could be a great motivator out of poverty. February 6, 2012 at 10:26 pm Thank you so much for asking. I have lots of ideas but I’ll limit myself to a few:1. Conduct faith-informed adult forums about Reproductive Rights, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Immigration, etc. in your church and diocese and province. Weave the topic into your sermons when you can.2. Have bright neon colored stickers made in English and Spanish with the telephone number of the local domestic violence hot line and the message that says something like “You are made in God’s image. God loves you. No one deserves to be abused or beaten.” Put the stickers up in the church bathroom. Distribute them in your diocese/province. Put some in your purse and stick them in the ladies’ room on the wall or door or mirror at local restaurants and theaters. Bumper stickers are a little more expensive but they work, too. Don’t hesitate to put your church name or diocese and website on the bottom of the sticker or bumper sticker.3. Do some community organizing – ecumenical, interfaith and secular – to build economically, culturally, racially and religiously diverse coalitions to bring new individuals and organizations into the interfaith movement for reproductive justice. Check out RCRC’s website for inspiration and assistance Support Planned Parenthood and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Be as generous as you can.4. Invite RCRC to hold Peaceful Presence Training Programs at your church, and/or RCRC’s counseling and theological resources for clergy and religious leaders, so they may help more women and influence policy and legislation on reproductive and sexual health.5. Have a module of your Confirmation/Reception/Inquirer’s Class on sexism at the intersection of all the vehicles of oppression.6. Be a ‘parson’ – a public religious figure. Challenge religious extremists where and whenever they appear by writing to them or about them in your parish or diocesan newsletter or local newspaper. Write letters to the editor or open letters to members of Congress who say or do or sexist, misogynist things or propose legislation. Be an outspoken, clear, strong, compassionate moral voice of a person of faith committed to women’s health and dignity.7. Take an inter-generational group to a domestic violence shelter. Talk with staff. Talk with some of the guests. Listen to their stories.There’s more but this is a good enough start. Chad Huelsman says: Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York Hires Reverend Kevin W. VanHook, II as Executive Director Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York Rector Tampa, FL Rector Albany, NY February 6, 2012 at 4:44 pm Superb piece! February 9, 2012 at 6:27 pm This is not a war on women. It is a war against the powerless, silent, innocent unborn.A society that can refuse to recognize the ‘human dignity’ of the unborn can soon turn that same blind eye to other ‘inconvenient’ (the old, the infirm, the mentally and physically challenged, even the ‘different’). In-person Retreat: Thanksgiving Trinity Retreat Center (West Cornwall, CT) Nov. 24-28 Press Release Service Seminary of the Southwest announces appointment of two new full time faculty members Seminary of the Southwest Rector Smithfield, NC February 8, 2012 at 5:24 am Please instruct me in some basic facts, because if I am to believe this post, I was gravely mistaken.It is my understanding that the Komen foundation raises and provides funding for research and treatment of breast cancer. That the grant it gave to Planned Parenthood was for local programmes providing breast exams and referrals for mammograms, not for sex education, provision of contraceptives, abortion or the like.That being the case, how is either the payment of a grant in such limited and defined circumstances or its withdrawal an attempt to “limit women’s access to abortion, birth control, and services after rape and sexual assault “? Unless I am to understand you as meaning that Planned Parenthood was not spending the grant money on the services contracted, in which case the Komen foundation were entitled to cease donations, just as any charity or organisation would be.If you gave me a grant of money to work on publicity materials for a reproductive rights campaign and instead I spent it on a campaign for provision of clean water to the Third World, you might approve of the cause but surely you would decine to renew the grant on the grounds that it wasn’t going for what you wanted? the Rev’d Dr. Elizabeth Kaeton says: Curate (Associate & Priest-in-Charge) Traverse City, MI John Kirk says: center_img February 7, 2012 at 8:38 am There is a war on women who believe that killing unborn children is somehow to be exalted, almost raised to the status of a sacrament. I’m constantly surprised that liberals on the East and West Coasts believe that folks in the middle of the country are not reasonable, not sophisticated and are rightist crackpots.Could it be that God values everyone and he “He forms you in your mother’s womb.” Folks who believe in abortion should be shown sonograms of a four-week old fetus. He or she is one of God’s children who, if left to live, will worship its maker. Timothy D. MacLam says: Youth Minister Lorton, VA Rector Martinsville, VA The Church Investment Group Commends the Taskforce on the Theology of Money on its report, The Theology of Money and Investing as Doing Theology Church Investment Group Paige Baker says: Comments are closed. Featured Events P.M. Summer says: February 6, 2012 at 5:44 pm God bless you for fighting the good fight, Elizabeth! I keep having flashbacks to Susan Faludi’s book “Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women” which was published IN 1991, and thinking—how long is it going to take us to wake up and DO something?Russ Johnson–Komen didn’t “change its mind.” Komen has a long track record (since the Clinton Administration) of lobbying against healthcare reform legislation that would have given poor women access to healthcare and strengthened patients’ rights. If you want your donor dollars to be spent undermining women’s healthcare, suing small nonprofits/charities that have the temerity to use the words “the Cure” in their fundraising, or paying Komen’s top people (37 of them in 2010) more than $100K a year, go ahead and donate to them.If, however, you want to ensure that all women have access to safe, affordable, quality healthcare, send your money to Planned Parenthood or some other organization that doesn’t hide its right-wing agenda behind a big pink ribbon. February 7, 2012 at 9:31 pm Oh dear Lord! This makes me sick! Women are killing the most pure and innocent in our society. Abortion is murder – not a blessing. The so-called “war against women” is just a smoke screen to hide this slaughter of children. Shameful. Virtual Episcopal Latino Ministry Competency Course Online Course Aug. 9-13 The ‘war on women’ Round I: Komen vs. Planned Parenthood Rector Hopkinsville, KY the Rev’d Dr. Elizabeth Kaeton says: Priest Associate or Director of Adult Ministries Greenville, SC Inaugural Diocesan Feast Day Celebrating Juneteenth San Francisco, CA (and livestream) June 19 @ 2 p.m. PT This Summer’s Anti-Racism Training Online Course (Diocese of New Jersey) June 18-July 16 the Rev’d Dr. Elizabeth Kaeton says: February 23, 2012 at 11:34 am God bless you, Mother Elizabeth, and I thank you for your clear mind and cool head in presenting the truth in this Episcopal venue. May I add that politics was afoot in the Komen Foundation decision and on their board? Yes truly, there is a war against women, especially poor women, not only here in the U.S. but also throughout the world. Again I say thank you for speaking out. Jenny Plane Te Paa says: February 8, 2012 at 1:03 am I don’t think those who are pro life should be so self righteous in calling their opposition “baby killers”. Ten million (already born) children under the age of 5 die every year from communicable diseases and starvation. The pro lifers should worry about the “already born” and prevent their miseries and death before they push more “unborn” into the world that neither they nor their parents can protect against a brutish and short life. Saving the “already born” would show more compassion and good sense. It would also take more effort than just forcing women to undergo a pregnancy they are not ready for. In short, the pro life piety is cheap. Douglas W. Archer says: David Batlle says: P.M. Summer says: February 22, 2012 at 2:01 pm The left/liberals claim that this is an attack on women’s rights and access to “free” abortions, contraception and sterilization. The right/conservatives assert that this is an attack on people of faith, the Constitution and tax payers.Ms Kaeton reflects the left/liberal view and it appears that the Episcopal Church does too. This left/liberal view seems to be carefully modulated and communicated to keep those checks coming from generous, giving people on the right. Those generous pledges and plate pay your salary, benefits and retirement, Ms. Kaeton.I feel as if my church has left me and my family. I work too hard to provide for my family to have it spent on partial birth abortions, gender selection abortions and late-term abortions as contraception. Please, Ms Kaeton, we simply disagree. I am pro-choice and pro-life, but not pro-abortion.Please, Ms Kaeton, stop the nasty hate speech against those you disagree with, people of faith working to follow their moral conscience. Many of us see this aspect of ObamaCare for what it is – illegal according to our Constitution. Oh, and immoral too. Canon for Family Ministry Jackson, MS February 9, 2012 at 6:21 pm Keaton, perhaps you should follow your own advice rather than offering it so freely and piously. Rector Belleville, IL Martha O’Keeffe says: Rector and Chaplain Eugene, OR Assistant/Associate Rector Morristown, NJ Join the Episcopal Diocese of Texas in Celebrating the Pauli Murray Feast Online Worship Service June 27 February 20, 2012 at 1:10 am Dear Mr. Archer. There are very few women who are pro abortion. To have an abortion is one of the most difficult decisions that a woman will ever have to make. But most of us are pro choice. There is a difference. It is not up to you or anyone else. Because YOU and others like you are not the ones that have to live with the decision. An Evening with Aliya Cycon Playing the Oud Lancaster, PA (and streaming online) July 3 @ 7 p.m. ET Rector Shreveport, LA Diane Kirse, RN says: Director of Music Morristown, NJ The Rev. Laina Wood Casillas says: February 15, 2012 at 8:15 pm The Komen Foundation made itself clear that it wanted to scrutinize its funding to those organizations with questionable financial practices and so a collective managerial decision was reached last year to exclude Planned Parenthood due to its current financial accountability. The Congress has likewise uncovered questionable practices in Planned Parenthood. So, the Komen Foundation exercised its conscience to not partner with Planned Parenthood. To ascribe this as a “war” on women is a reaching mischaracterization and villainizes those who do not support PP for their own well-reasoned motives. However, because of the pressure by interest groups, Komen found that they could not exercise their conscience after they made a collective decision last year. Current movers and shapers in the Episcopal Church have often exercised their consciences even to the extent of calling their actions prophetic. The same tolerance should have been given to Komen by progressive activists, including those in TEC, and one wonders why it cannot be generously extended if freedom of conscience is a hallmark of Episcopal thought. That this commentary also goes on to criticize the Republican Party, the Tea Party, the Roman Catholic Church, and conservatives in general suggests a clear liberal orientation; and more than just a question about one organization. By Elizabeth KaetonPosted Feb 6, 2012 February 9, 2012 at 11:04 pm P.M. Summer – This IS a war on women. You can see it if you move from your obsession about the single issue of abortion. If a society can not honor the “human dignity” of a lowly woman, it can, with breathtaking easy, turn a blind eye toward any of the “the lesser children of God”. Rector Bath, NC Paul Spengler says: New Berrigan Book With Episcopal Roots Cascade Books Rector Washington, DC February 6, 2012 at 4:56 pm As usual Elizabeth+ raises the clarion call of justice in measured, rational, and stylish terms. Thank you, Mother Kaeton, for putting so well into well-chosen words what we all need to hear. Bless you. February 7, 2012 at 10:00 am The issue is not as clear cut as Elizabeth Kaeton thinks. At stake is not only the right of women to control their own reproduction, but the right of religious organizations, in this case the Roman Catholic Church, to exist and to provide services in a manner consistent with their beliefs. Personally, I have no objection to birth control, I would gladly make it available to anyone who wants it. The Catholic Church thinks differently. I have no right, nor does Planned Parenthood, or the Episcopal Church, or the Obama administration to interfere in the internal affairs of the Roman Catholic Church. Forcing Catholic institutions to provide birth control would be equivalent to forcing Jewish community centers to serve pork chops on the grounds that pork is good for your health or because some of their employees or non-Jews or don’t observe kosher. This is a First Amendment issue. I am a life long Episcopalian, but in this instance right and justice are on the side of the Roman Catholic Church. Rector (FT or PT) Indian River, MI February 8, 2012 at 11:08 pm David – It’s really, really important, I’ve found, to think carefully – Christians would add, prayerfully – before you speak or write. As Mark Twain once wrote: “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”. Assistant/Associate Priest Scottsdale, AZ An Evening with Presiding Bishop Curry and Iconographer Kelly Latimore Episcopal Migration Ministries via Zoom June 23 @ 6 p.m. ET Virginia Fitzpatrick says: Bishop Diocesan Springfield, IL Virtual Celebration of the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center Zoom Conversation June 19 @ 12 p.m. ET Episcopal Migration Ministries’ Virtual Prayer Vigil for World Refugee Day Facebook Live Prayer Vigil June 20 @ 7 p.m. ET Missioner for Disaster Resilience Sacramento, CA Associate Priest for Pastoral Care New York, NY February 10, 2012 at 7:58 pm My apologies. Leslie Scoopmire says: February 9, 2012 at 11:06 pm PM Summer: It’s KAETON. Not KEATON. I send the same advise in return. Submit an Event Listing Deborah Griffin Bly says: Associate Rector for Family Ministries Anchorage, AK AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to PrintFriendlyPrintFriendlyShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThis last_img read more

Stolen vehicle investigation by Apopka police nets marijuana trafficking arrests

first_img Please enter your comment! You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address here LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Florida gas prices jump 12 cents; most expensive since 2014 Please enter your name here UF/IFAS in Apopka will temporarily house District staff; saves almost $400,000 Gov. DeSantis says new moment-of-silence law in public schools protects religious freedom TAGSApopka Police Department Previous articleSeptic Tanks: The Wekiva River Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP)Next articleFirst Major GOP Candidate Forum For Governor To Be Held In Orlando Denise Connell RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR From the Apopka Police DepartmentThe Apopka Police Department, responding to notification of a stolen vehicle, found a large amount of marijuana, guns, cash, and paraphernalia as well as the automobile in question at a house on Shirley Drive in Apopka on Thursday.Desmon WilkersonAmong those arrested by the APD were Desmon Alexander Wilkerson, 32, Donnell Toler, 44, and Cathy Lorene Toler, 53. All three suspects were charged with Trafficking Marijuana.On April 5th, the APD was notified by OnStar that a stolen 2018 Chevrolet Silverado was tracked to a residence on Shirley Drive in Apopka. The vehicle had been reported stolen by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office on December 11th, 2017.Cathy Toler When Apopka Police units arrived, they did not find the vehicle in the driveway, but when they requested OnStar remotely activate the vehicle’s alarm, the officers immediately heard a car alarm go off inside of the closed garage.When officers made contact with the residents of the home, they could smell the strong odor of marijuana coming from inside. The house was held for a search warrant. When Apopka officers searched the residence pursuant to the warrant, they found the stolen Chevrolet Silverado. In addition to being stolen, the vehicle identification number had been altered. Officers also found approximately 48 pounds of cultivated and packaged marijuana, $28,237 in cash, two handguns, and miscellaneous paraphernalia used to package and consume marijuana.An investigation is on-going related the trafficking and distribution of the marijuana. All suspects were transported to the Orange County Jail for processing.The Apopka Police Department is a full-service, accredited police agency with more than 150 employees including 108 sworn officers and staff. The Apopka Police Department supports the Crimeline program to aid in investigations and to foster safe and anonymous tips that lead to criminal arrests. You can help with these local cases – if you have relevant information, please call (800) 423-TIPS, go to, or e-mail [email protected] Apopka bulletins can be found at the APD website (, and then click on “Crimeline”.last_img read more

Lloyds TSB Foundations to receive £37.1 million

first_imgThe 2008 fund will be allocated as follows: About Howard Lake Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. Publisher of UK Fundraising, the world’s first web resource for professional fundraisers, since 1994. Trainer and consultant in digital fundraising. Founder of Fundraising Camp and co-founder of Researching massive growth in giving. Lloyds TSB Foundation for Northern Ireland – £2.0 million Tagged with: Funding The four Lloyds TSB Foundations across the UK will receive £37.1 million this year from the Lloyds TSB Group. The money will be used to benefit charities that support disadvantaged people and community groups across the UK.  27 total views,  1 views today AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales – £26.8 million Advertisementcenter_img The Lloyds TSB Foundations, independent of the bank, receive one per cent of the Lloyds TSB Group’s pre-tax profits, averaged over three years, in lieu of shareholder dividend to distribute to local charities throughout the UK.The four Foundations together form one of the largest grant-making trusts in the UK and have distributed over £330 million since 1987. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis Howard Lake | 22 February 2008 | News Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland – £7.2 million Lloyds TSB Foundations to receive £37.1 million Lloyds TSB Foundation for the Channel Islands – £1.1 millionlast_img read more

La pandemia se eleva y la economía se afloja

first_imgRealmente es bastante repugnante.La burguesía calcula las pérdidas y ganancias con insensible desprecio por las masas que sufren tanto por el aumento vertiginoso de los casos de COVID como por el colapso del mercado laboral. Ahora, muchos de los que quedaron desempleados en la primavera se están quedando sin sus 26 semanas de beneficios por desempleo. Hubo casi 1 millón de nuevas solicitudes de seguro de desempleo en la segunda semana de noviembre.Pero el mercado de valores subió y bajó como una montaña rusa la semana pasada, ya que las noticias esperanzadoras sobre la vacuna COVID-19 de Pfizer fueron seguidas por informes sobre el aumento de infecciones virales. Por un lado, los accionistas no pudieron contener su entusiasmo orgiástico por que las grandes farmacéuticas ganaran mucho dinero con millones y millones de vacunas. Pero su entusiasmo se desinfló cuando contaron los costos de más casos de COVID: más facturas médicas para que las cubran las compañías de seguros, más trabajadores llamando enfermos, más muertes y, potencialmente, más ira popular.¿Por qué sube y baja el Dow Jones o el S&P? Las fluctuaciones de las acciones básicamente reflejan optimismo o pesimismo por parte del 1% sobre su resultado final futuro, es decir, su capacidad para maximizar la explotación del trabajo. Si hay una vacuna exitosa que eventualmente ayude a que los trabajadores vuelvan a producir lo que los marxistas llaman “plusvalía”, la porción de los ingresos por ventas que superan el costo de la fuerza de trabajo, obtendrán ganancias. Pero en este momento, los trabajadores no pueden producir riqueza si están enfermos, muertos o deben ser puestos en cuarentena para no llevar el virus al lugar de trabajo.Los republicanos y los demócratas no han presentado un segundo proyecto de ley de estímulo urgentemente necesario, como la Ley HEROES aprobada por la Cámara, pero no por el Senado.Mientras tanto, todos los días se rompen récords de nuevas infecciones. Como ocurre con cualquier crisis bajo el capitalismo que depende del racismo, las comunidades negras, latinas e indígenas sufren de manera desproporcionada.No tiene por qué ser asíIncluso con las perspectivas de una vacuna COVID-19, es difícil para las masas trabajadoras y la gente oprimida ver la luz al final del túnel. Y una cura para la pandemia no curará al capitalismo de su propia enfermedad incorporada: un impulso para maximizar las ganancias individuales reduciendo los costos laborales y, por lo tanto, superando a los competidores. Esto, desde principios del siglo XIX, ha provocado recesiones económicas cíclicas (crisis de sobreproducción) que son doblemente devastadoras en el período actual de declive capitalista generalizado. Muchos de los trabajos perdidos recientemente no volverán.A medida que las muertes por COVID en los EE. UU. se acercan a las 250.000 y los casos superan los 11 millones; China, por el contrario, ha tenido menos de 5.000 muertes y menos de 90.000 casos. El progreso para hacer una vacuna en China está más avanzado que en los EE. UU. Además, la economía de China no solo se ha reabierto y se ha recuperado, es la única economía nacional importante que se prevé que crezca en el 2020. Esto no es solo el alarde de China. ¡La predicción proviene del informe Perspectivas de la economía mundial del Fondo Monetario Internacional!¿Por qué la discrepancia entre EE.UU. y China? Si bien hay una clase capitalista en China, con algunos de sus miembros muy ricos en comparación con las masas chinas, China tiene un estado obrero cuya orientación es fundamentalmente socialista. Esto significa que las necesidades humanas tienen prioridad sobre las ganancias.El socialismo es exactamente lo que necesitan los trabajadores de todo el mundo, y los EE.UU. no es una excepción. Con un sistema de salud socializado, los trabajadores ya no estarían a merced del complejo industrial médico con fines de lucro. No habría jefes de las grandes farmacéuticas, que solo ven signos de dólar en una vacuna contra el COVID y medicamentos de tratamiento muy necesarios. Habrán leyes para garantizar que se satisfagan las necesidades económicas básicas de todos. Eso no ocurrirá de la noche a la mañana, por supuesto. Mientras tanto, los socialistas deben estar a la vanguardia de impulsar demandas que aborden las necesidades de supervivencia de la clase trabajadora. Estos incluyen trabajos bien pagados para quienes pueden trabajar e ingresos comparables para quienes no pueden; atención médica gratuita para todos; y condiciones de trabajo seguras, incluido el equipo de protección personal, la prestación por condiciones de vida peligrosas y no tomar represalias contra los trabajadores que se enferman, deben ser puestos en cuarentena o rehusarse a trabajar de manera insegura.A medida que la lucha crezca, también lo hará la realización de esta verdad básica de clase: ¡un sistema que no puede satisfacer estas demandas básicas es un sistema que pertenece al bote de basura de la historia!FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Stop ICE’s rush to illegally deport families!

first_imgBy Marta GuttenbergPhiladelphiaAround 50 people, including immigrant community members, Shut Down Berks Coalition activists, and elected Pennsylvania State Representatives Chris Rabb and Joseph Hohenstein, took part in an emergency rally outside Philadelphia’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office on Nov. 25.Demonstrators tell ICE, “Don’t deport the 28,” Nov. 25.Twenty-three Black and Brown families, including 28 children, had come to the U.S. seeking asylum and family reunification. Instead, they were imprisoned by ICE.  Some are being held at the Berks Family Detention Center in Leesport, in nearby Bucks County.Having survived terrible events in their countries of origin, they are now experiencing incarceration, medical neglect and abuse, and violations of their human rights here in the U.S. ICE’s response during the COVID-19 pandemic has been not to release families from detention, as recommended by public health officers. Instead, it is rushing deportations of families back into danger, despite open asylum cases and nearby sponsors.On Nov. 24, just two days before the Thanksgiving holiday, ICE had hastily deported several more Haitian families. It had already deported 1,300 families to Haiti in October, on what immigration advocates called “death flights.”Statements from some of the children inside the facility were read to the crowd. Eleven-year-old Juan David wrote: “I am detained with my mom. The 27th of this month we will complete 15 months of detention. They asked me why I am afraid to return to my country. I am afraid that the gangsters will hurt me, that they will kill me and my mom. That’s why I ask God to soften the hearts of the asylum officers and that I can go live with my aunt and uncle in New York. … Here I always have a headache and anxiety.”Jhoselyn, also 11, and his sisters Zoe, 8, and Emily, 6, wrote: “We have been locked up here for 11 months already, we spent our birthdays here and it’s very hard.  We don’t want to spend Christmas locked up here in this center. We can’t play freely or run because the guards yell at us not to. … Please, I don’t want them to separate us. My sisters and I can’t go back to Ecuador either.”Katherin, 14, stated: “Our lives are also in danger because of so many people who are infected with COVID-19. It hurts me to see that many kids like me are locked up even more because of COVID-19. They spend more time locked up in their rooms. Please, I implore you, I beg you, help us leave this place as soon as possible.”Berks Family Detention Center is a state-chartered institution. ICE leases the facility from the county for uses that violate the charter. However, the governor has not revoked the charter. County officials claim they cannot do without the income.Speakers demanded that the families be released together from illegal detention and pandemic risk to relatives or sponsors.Want to help? Contact Simona Flores, director of ICE’s enforcement and removal operations in the Philadelphia office at 214-918-4822. Tell her: Don’t deport the 28. WW Photo: Joe PietteFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Horoscope: November 4, 2020:

first_imgReddIt Horoscope: May 2, 2021 Facebook Tamia Banks Horoscope: May 2, 2021 Linkedin + posts Horoscope: April 29, 2021 Twitter Horoscope: April 30, 2021 Horoscope: May 1, 2021 Horoscope: May 1, 2021 Facebook Tamia Banks Horoscope: April 29, 2021 Previous articleNewsNow Election Edition: 12:02 a.m.Next articleTCU News Now 11/4/2020 Tamia Banks RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Tamia Banks Linkedin ReddIt Tamia Banks printA baby born today has a Sun in Scorpio and a Moon in Gemini until 4:45 p.m., when the Moon enters Cancer.HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020:Magnetic, persuasive and dignified, you knock the socks off people, who are impressed by your talent. This year, you arouse some controversy in your work. Financially, you do very well, but hire a new money manager. If single, you’re charming, so you attract many, but you decide to fly solo this year. If attached, you have a very tolerant partner who’s dependent on their love from you. LIBRA loves to make up and cuddle.The Stars Show the Kind of Day You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-DifficultARIES (March 21-April 19)★★Relationships with siblings and neighbors can be demanding. Be patient. Undercurrents and extenuating circumstances are afoot. As the day ends, facts come to light. You’ll be glad that you were understanding and tolerant. Tonight: Allow others to grow and explore.TAURUS (April 20-May 20)★★★★Old financial obligations or debts are becoming more manageable. You are entering a more promising security cycle. Learn more about financial management. Do not repeat patterns and habits that led to previous disappointments. Tonight: Conversations about monetary matters are enlightening.GEMINI (May 21-June 20)★★★★★Today is wonderful for study and analysis of all kinds. Social prospects are especially bright. Adorn yourself. Assemble an especially wonderful costume. Much can be accomplished. There is a deeper understanding of your own psyche. Tonight: Any confusion will clear.CANCER (June 21-July 22)★★★★★Today is a time for rest and reverie, with the Moon in your sector of solitude and subconscious yearnings. Take note of dreams. Answers come from within. Allow nature and wildlife to draw nigh. The natural world offers peace and comfort. Tonight: Quiet time.LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)★★★★Competitors provide inspiration, but take time to relax and regroup if you start to feel pressured. Community involvement will be rewarding. A mission to make the world a better place has appeal. Tonight: Enjoying a renewed appreciation for your cherished friendships.VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)★★★★Career prospects are both interesting and challenging. Innovate; be creative. Combine business with pleasure. Listen carefully to others. Today indicates that valuable information is offered during social situations and at Zoom meetings. Tonight: Sincerity is the best form of communication.LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)★★★★A deep awareness is present. Your intuition is wonderful. Heed those inner voices, and you’ll be guided toward success. Your energy level will be high, but do quell irritation. It’s especially easy to overreact now. Tonight: Friends are willing to give your career a boost.SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)★★★★Your priorities and desires are in flux. It will be a wild but interesting day. Decide what you really want, and pursue it. There are endings and beginnings in process. Fate intervenes in plans, so be flexible and observant. Tonight: Relax.SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)★★★★★Talented and powerful people are drawing closer to you. The promise of partnerships is very real. You discover much about others and how they feel about you. Tonight: Keep an open mind and seek the truth, then all will be well.CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)★★★★★Your work is rewarding and interesting today. You’ll be thinking of how best to manage your time and resources. Needed materials and supplies become available. Communication with the very young or the elderly is excellent. Tonight: Be aware of how old habits come into play.AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)★★★★Today encourages you to splurge or to take a gamble. Do enjoy some special goodies or luxuries in moderation, but don’t go to extremes. You’ll realize that there is so much to appreciate and be thankful for. Tonight: Catch up with an old loverPISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)★★Work out anger issues with family members. Compromise is the solution to domestic conflicts. Your residence might need some maintenance. Patiently work out differences and make much needed repairs. Shop for the best prices. Tonight: A long and arduous family dinner.Born today: Journalist Walter Cronkite (1916), actor Matthew McConaughey (1969), rapper-producer Sean Combs (1969) Twitter Horoscope: April 30, 2021 Tamia Banks Horoscope: April 28, 2021last_img read more

DS News Webcast: Monday 5/9/2014

first_img Share Save The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago 2014-05-09 DSNews May 9, 2014 561 Views Subscribe Home / Featured / DS News Webcast: Monday 5/9/2014 Sign up for DS News Daily Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago in Featured, Media, Webcasts Related Articles Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago The government is set to gain an additional 10-point 2 billion dollars from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac inJune following another profitable quarter. Releasing their earnings reports simultaneously, Fannie andFreddie reported first-quarter profits of 5-point 3 and 4 billion dollars, respectively—a major step back fromincomes reported last year but still a fair amount for what was a slow period for the housing market. Bothenterprises have reported profits each quarter for more than 2 years straight.As a result of its profitable quarter, Fannie will be contributing 5-point 7 billion dollars in dividends to theTreasury in June, bringing its total payment to the government to 126 billion. Per their amended bailoutagreement, dividends from Fannie and Freddie do not offset any draws made. Meanwhile, Freddieattributes its own quarterly results to nearly 5 billion dollars in legal settlement benefits, offset in part by 2-point 4 billion dollars in derivative losses as a result of lower long-term interest rates Freddie’s dividendobligation will come to 4-point 5 billion dollars, bringing its total Treasury payments to 86-point 3 billion.While the homeownership rate among Americans age 65 and older has remained at a constant 80 percentfor the past decade, the percent of older Americans with outstanding mortgage debt has increased sincethe start of the housing crisis, according to the CFPB. About 30 percent of older Americans hold mortgagedebt as of 2011, up 8 percentage points from 2001. About 4-point 4 million Americans are retired and stillpaying on their mortgage loans. As of 2011, the median debt among seniors with outstanding mortgageswas 79,000 dollars.You can find more on these stories—and all your latest industry headlines—right here on our site. Thanksfor joining us. We’ll see you again on Monday. Until then, stay with for all of your mostrelevant default servicing news.center_img Is Rise in Forbearance Volume Cause for Concern? 2 days ago Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago The Week Ahead: Nearing the Forbearance Exit 2 days ago About Author: DSNews  Print This Post Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Previous: Mortgage Rates Continue Downward Slide Next: Carrington Mortgage Services Hires New Sales Director DS News Webcast: Monday 5/9/2014last_img read more

After Karnakata HC Rap, Karnataka Govt Decides To Bear Cost Of Migrants’ Travel To Native States

first_imgTop StoriesAfter Karnakata HC Rap, Karnataka Govt Decides To Bear Cost Of Migrants’ Travel To Native States LIVELAW NEWS NETWORK22 May 2020 8:07 PMShare This – xThe Karnataka Government on Friday announced that it will bear the cost of travel of migrant workers and stranded persons to their respective States by Shramik Trains up to 31st may, 2020. This was announced by the Chief Minister, B S Yediyurappa, in Twitter on Friday afternoon.3/3Therefore Karnataka Government will bear the cost of travel of migrant workers and stranded persons to…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginThe Karnataka Government on Friday announced that it will bear the cost of travel of migrant workers and stranded persons to their respective States by Shramik Trains up to 31st may, 2020. This was announced by the Chief Minister, B S Yediyurappa, in Twitter on Friday afternoon.3/3Therefore Karnataka Government will bear the cost of travel of migrant workers and stranded persons to their respective States by Shramik Trains up to 31st may, 2020. #KarnatakaFightsCorona #IndiaFightsCoronavirus— CM of Karnataka (@CMofKarnataka) May 22, 2020Notably, this decision has come a day after the Karnataka High Court pulled up the government for not making clear before it the policy regarding bearing the travel costs of migrants from other states.”We must note here that in none of the written submissions filed by the State and in the written submissions filed today, a copy of the conscious decision taken by the competent authority of the State on the issue of bearing the train fare payable by the migrants is placed on record. We are not made aware whether any such conscious decision has been taken that the State will not pay the train fare payable to enable those migrant workers to travel by Shramik special trains who are not in a position to pay the train fare”, observed a bench headed by Chief Justice A S Oka on May 21.Therefore, the bench said that it was “constrained to direct” the Chief Secretary of the State Government as well as the Secretary of the Labour Department of the State Government to remain present for video conferencing hearing on Tuesday, 26th May, 2020 at 11.00 a.m. The bench also asked the Central Government if the State can be permitted to use the funds transferred by the National Disaster Response Fund for paying the rail fare of migrants who cannot pay.In fact, the Court had been hearing the issue of the plight of stranded migrants for past several days. The Court had been passing repeated directions to the State Government to come out with a clear policy regarding bearing of the travel cost of the migrants from other states, who cannot afford the rail fare.On May 11, the bench observed that no one should be deprived of an opportunity to go back to his own state only for the reason that he has no capacity to pay for the transport.No Migrant Should Be Denied Opportunity To Travel Back Only Because Of Incapacity To Pay Rail Fare : Karnataka HC [Read Order] The bench had then directed the State Government to immediately convene a meeting of all the Trade Unions, Employers’ Associations and NGOs in the State with a view to ascertain whether any contribution can come from the Employers’ Association, Trade Unions and NGOs which can be used for bearing the Train fares of the migrant workers who are not in a position to pay the train fare.Stand taken by the Karnataka GovernmentThe Karnataka Government later took a stand that it can only bear the rail fare to facilitate the travel of persons from Karnataka from other states. As regards migrants from other states in Karnataka, their home states should bear the rail fare, it stated.On May 18, the Court noted that this was contrary to the policy of the Central Government, as per which the originating state should bear the travel cost.The Court also observed that the State cannot  bring in classification based on the migrants’ origin state.In the written submissions filed on Thursday, the Government reiterated its stand, stating :”There is nothing erroneous or illegal in the State limiting the expenditure only to those migrants who are returning to the State of Karnataka. There is no violation of any right to equality or the right to life. Article 19(1)(d) is a freedom guaranteed to citizens to move freely throughout the territory of India. No restriction is imposed on this freedom, other than that which has been imposed by the MHA Guidelines”.”There is no constitutional or statutory obligation on the State to provide free transport or to bear cost of transport to all persons within the State”, the Government added.The bench did not express agreement with these line of submissions on Thursday. The Court observed “The concept of a Welfare State has been consistently a part of our Constitutional philosophy. Today, because of the reluctance of the State Government to bear the train fare of the migrant workers who are not in a position to pay, apart from the allegation that it will violate the fundamental rights of the migrant workers, they will be forced to continue to stay in the State. They will have to look upon the State Government for providing food and other necessities”.The bench added : “We must record here that it is not merely an issue of survival of the migrant workers who are unable to go back to their respective States because they do not have money, there are other needs of the migrant workers, such as their health, their families. The migrant workers who are staying in the State by leaving their families in the States of their origin are in a precarious position because they are unable to send money for the maintenance of their respective families. These are all human issues which need to be addressed by the State Government as well as the Central Government, considering the concept of a Welfare State.” The bench reminded both the governments how the situation had arisen, it said “The situation which has arisen today is due to the reason that there was no time available for the migrant workers to go back to their respective States after the declaration of lockdown. By the time the embargo on travel from one State to another was diluted, many of the migrant workers must have lost their jobs and/or source of livelihood and therefore, they are unable to pay the train charges”. The Court then proceeded to direct the apperance of the Chief Secretary and the Secretary of the Labour Department to remain present before the court through video conferencing on May 26.Following that, on Friday, the Chief Minister announced the decision of the State Government to bear the travel cost of migrants from other states.Two weeks ago, the Karnataka Government had came under severe criticism for cancelling Bihar-bound shramik trains, apparently under pressure from builder lobby.Click here to download Order passed by HC on May 21Click here to download the written submissions of GovernmentSubscribe to LiveLaw, enjoy Ad free version and other unlimited features, just INR 599 Click here to Subscribe. All payment options available.loading….Next Storylast_img read more

How Is A Physically Fit Actors Above 65 Yrs Expected To Live A Dignified Life If They Are Not Allowed On Film/TV Sets? ; Bombay HC Seeks Reply From State [Read Order]

first_imgNews UpdatesHow Is A Physically Fit Actors Above 65 Yrs Expected To Live A Dignified Life If They Are Not Allowed On Film/TV Sets? ; Bombay HC Seeks Reply From State [Read Order] Nitish Kashyap22 July 2020 1:40 AMShare This – xThe Bombay High Court on Tuesday questioned the State Government regarding the guidelines issued dated May 30, 2020 barring cast/crew members above the age of 65 years from entering TV/Film sets and sought a detailed reply from the State. Division bench of Justice SJ Kathawalla and Justice RI Chagla were hearing a writ petition filed by Pramod Pandey who contended that he has been…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginThe Bombay High Court on Tuesday questioned the State Government regarding the guidelines issued dated May 30, 2020 barring cast/crew members above the age of 65 years from entering TV/Film sets and sought a detailed reply from the State. Division bench of Justice SJ Kathawalla and Justice RI Chagla were hearing a writ petition filed by Pramod Pandey who contended that he has been performing small roles in films and TV serials since the last 40 years and now due to new guidelines, his livelihood is in danger. The said guideline on age restrictions for crew/cast was issued by the State for the entertainment industry as part of their Mission Begin Again initiative. Petitioner does not have any other source of livelihood and is solely dependent on such jobs in the film studios. Although he is physically fit, he is not allowed to go to the studios and participate in any shootings and he is thereby deprived of earning his livelihood. If directions are passed calling for data from the respondents, it will be found that the majority of persons affected by the pandemic are below the age of 65 years, the petition states. Advocate Ashok Saraogi appeared on behalf of the petitioner and argued that grave hardship and prejudice will be caused to his client if he is prevented from participating in any of the activities during the shootings since he will not be able to survive with dignity and self respect. Government Pleader Poornima Kantharia informed the Court that the guidelines also provide that when possible, castings should be done remotely via Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc. To this, Justice Kathawalla said- “The learned Advocate for the State had to be reminded that the actors performing small roles are required to go to the studios and request for work to enable them to have their two meals, and no Producer/Director is going to shoot their role via Facetime, Zoom, Skype etc.” Finally, the bench directed the state to file an affidavit explaining how a physically fit person who is 65 years or above is expected to live a dignified life if he is not allowed to go out and earn his livelihood. Court said the respondents shall in their affidavit also set out the following : (i) Whether any data/reports/statistics were taken into consideration before issuing the impugned Guidelines restraining any cast/crew members above the age of 65 years from attending the studios/shooting sites; (ii) Whether a similar rule is made applicable to individuals who are 65 years and above and are travelling by trains/buses/aircrafts etc.; (iii) Whether a similar rule is made applicable to the employers/staff who are currently attending shops//private offices; (iv) Whether a similar rule is made applicable to the individuals (approximately 30) who are allowed to attend funerals or marriage reception/s etc. The next date of hearing in the matter is July 24, 2020Click Here To Download Order[Read Order] Subscribe to LiveLaw, enjoy Ad free version and other unlimited features, just INR 599 Click here to Subscribe. All payment options available.loading….Next Storylast_img read more